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If you just came across the fact that you have this browser hijacker on your PC, the first thing you have to do is to remove Dosearches. This item, constantly redirecting you to its official site can conquer the most favorite browsers in the world, i.e. Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If you were surprised by the presence of such redirect, you probably have missed the moment when it managed to enter your Windows operating system. Our team feels obliged to warn you that the adopted new search provider can look as if it is proper to use, but truly that’s not true. You may be misled and so start using the given search engine which is the action you should avoid. The reason why is the redirections which happen when you use as a search tool. You can find yourself on,, or many other pages. After facing these facts you may have tried to guess that Yahoo is exactly the company which began creating this redirect, but the truth is different. You should know that Dosearches was developed by Seablue Technology Limited. However, the main focus here should not be put on how this hijacker was started, but how harmful it is and that you must immediately get to know about removal.

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How Dosearches can enter my PC?

You can find website set as your default search supplier and home page after you install any type of free application which has the browser hijacker attached to it. Hence, the disadvantageous redirect begins its activities which are not pleasant for you at all. Unfortunately, there are a lot of freeware that can promote dosearches, so you have to focus on the installation process of any new software, because the user is usually told about the upcoming changes, i.e. the installation of the additional application. On the other hand if you have missed this moment, now, you have to put efforts to get rid of Dosearches.

What is the behavior of Dosearches?

Dosearches is known to act in the similar way as some other browser hijackers, including the ones you may have heard about –,, or  If the user chooses to try using as a search tool, after a while notices that is rerouted to unfamiliar sites, presented before, those related with Yahoo. The thing is that the main aim of the hijacker’s performance is to make as much people as possible to visit those sites. It really doesn’t matter that you know what Yahoo is and you treat it as the reliable source. The truth is that you still shouldn’t trust the sites you are rerouted to. Apart from the mentioned pages, dosearches can also redirect users to other unknown addresses, such as,,, and Despite the fact that some of them, especially, Amazon are not hazardous at all and sometimes oppositely are very advantageous, you should still stay away from it and never click on the links provided. The creators of the redirect are smart enough as the avoidable search supplier can be found even in 19 versions – languages. Thus, it adapts itself and makes it comfortable for the user to use it. But that’s even worse, because the user is easier made to believe that the tool is reliable.

Why should I stay away from

The reason why you have to avoid allowing Dosearches to lead its activity on your computer is the nature of it or in other words, the way it works. Be informed that the hijacker is supposed to adopt cookies in order get to know everything about your virtual security and the surfing habits. The result is that after using the given search engine you are provided with the search results that are made on the grounds of your favorite things and most visited sites in the internet platforms. This means that you can be constantly irritated by the pop-up ads which you should press on at no case. Hence, if you don’t want to be the victim of the tricky intruders and don’t want your system to be occupied and infected even more, hurry up and remove Dosearches. The data below will help you to do this.

How to remove

If you found out that your browsers were taken over by the malicious hijacker, immediately perform Dosearches removal procedure. If you want to fully delete the treat, you have to rely on two procedures. Firstly, you have to delete the page from your browsers. Then, you should install a good anti-malware and eliminate Dosearches. Please, do not skip any of these procedures, because both of them are quite necessary if you want to make your PC free from intruders. If you think that you can delay it you are truly very wrong, because every single minute helps the third parties to investigate your system more and more and collect your sensitive data. Please, follow the guide below, for the sake of your computer’s security.

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How to delete Dosearches from computer?

How to remove Dosearches from Internet Explorer:

  • Go to the IE browser and then navigate to the section of Properties.
  • Press on Shortcut and then find yourself in Target.
  • Find iexplore.exe and erase the additional text which goes after this only name (i.e. leave iexplore.exe).
  • Press on OK and again go to the browser.
  • Use Alt+T keys and then go to Manage Add-ons.
  • Find Search Providers section and here, erase the unwanted search supplier.
  • Press on Close. After this, again use Alt+T
  • Choose Internet Options and go to General tab.
  • Here, modify the startup site and for the ending, click on OK.

How to remove Dosearches from Mozilla Firefox:

  • Go to the Firefox browser and navigate to Properties.
  • Press on Shortcut tab and then go to Target.
  • Find firefox.exe and erase the additional text which goes after this only name (i.e. leave firefox.exe).
  • Again, go to the browser, find the search box and here, choose Manage Search Engines.
  • Remove or any other unwanted search supplier. Press OK.
  • Use Alt+T, then press on Options.
  • After this, find yourself in General section.
  • Choose the other address as your wanted startup page. Choose OK, for confirmation.

How to remove Dosearches from Google Chrome:

  • Go to Google chrome browser and then to Properties.
  • Press on Shortcut tab and then navigate to Target.
  •  Find chrome.exe and erase the additional text which goes after this only name (i.e. leave chrome.exe). Choose OK.
  • Run the browser and use the combination of Alt+F.
  • Choose Settings, then go to On Startup.
  • Choose Set pages and here, get rid of the given site name. Click OK.
  • In the Appearance section, press on Change.
  • After this,modify the name of the address. Choose OK.
  • Then, move to Search and then to Manage search engines.
  • Enter the address of the page you want to be your search engine, so, in the same way, erase (X) the unwanted one. Press OK.

The given here are the processes and the files that have to be stopped after being found with a reliable anti-virus software. Our team advises you to use Spyhunter which contains the system scanner. After the removal of these Dosearches items, without any doubts, leave the anti-virus in your system and use it every time you face the virus.

The processes that should be stopped:


The files that should be got rid of:


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